Dog Training

Watch your pet transform from difficult and rambunctious into a well behaved, manageable family member.

B&B specializes in ON-SITE DOG TRAINING, in your home or office.

We provide training services in Lower Westchester County and throughout Fairfield County.

Training is Crucial

They say a great man is both born and made. Well, so is a great dog! I make on-site visits to help you teach your pet obedience and good manners. I use effective techniques which emphasize positive reinforcement, as well as provide dog owners with behavior counseling.  

Rest assured that your pets have a great time learning. They want to please you! And, you are training along with them. The results are that you become the best pet owner that you can be and your pet exceeds all your expectations.

Behavioral Counseling

It is amazing how many of my canine clients have phobias, anxiety, or trauma related behavior problems. I have had a great deal of success in helping my four-legged friends overcome separation anxiety, fear of strangers, tail chasing, as well as phobias such as fear of vacuum cleaners and bicycles. I use systematic desensitization, relaxation techniques and therapeutic massage, along with heaps of reassurance and love.

We assess, diagnose, and make referrals to veterinarians for medical arrangements.

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Michelle Bertrand
Owner/Manager B&B Pet Services

Qualified Dog Trainer
Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS)
Insured and Bonded
20 Years of Experience

Tel: (914) 684-1334

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