Client Testimonials

"It would be erroneous to state that Michelle Bertrand is simply a dog trainer. With her, the training experience is an activity that encompasses the whole family. I have three kids and a husband (who by the way had never owned a dog before and had no idea of what to do with one) and taking each of us individually or in a group, Michelle trained all of us as well as Brandie. Anyone who chooses to have Michelle Bertrand assist in learning to get along with their dog and their dog with them is guaranteed to have a happy experience."
Karyn Lipperman

"Michelle Bertrand established a natural, immediate rapport with our puppy and trained him using a firm, yet gentle approach. We were extremely pleased with the process as well as the results. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to ensure a happy, successful pet experience for their family."
Anne Flynn

"You have a magical ability to interact with dogs, and I was amazed that my dog became so very fond of you and obviously enjoyed working with you. I was also pleasantly surprised that you were able to train him so splendidly."
Marianne Dowling

"Michelle Bertrand has cared for my dogs numerous times and I found her extremely reliable, responsible and aware of my animal's needs."
Barbara Bahneman

"We rescued our dog from the pound. She was extremely difficult and initially I went through a few different trainers before I met Michelle. I really wish I had found her from the beginning. Michelle always goes through the extra and was great support during the tough times. She's incredible with children and offered so many extras to create the bond between the children and the dog."
Nicole Browning

"My entire family would like to thank you for the help you provided in training our Golden Retriever puppy, Blue. As you pointed out, he has a very strong and aggressive personality. After a few training sessions we could really see the difference. It's been several months that we have been on our own (if you can call it that). However, you are always there if we need help with him or even our other dog, a Westy named Eddy. It was fantastic when you came over a few weeks ago to sit with our two young children for an hour to help them understand what is the correct and safe way to play with the dog. In addition, the socialization of your own dogs and your other client's dogs at SUNY and Saxon Woods has been a great enjoyment for us. We look forward to these "exercise session" every Sunday. As you are aware, several of our friends have hired you through our excellent reference, and all of them are thrilled with the results with their puppies_ Keep up the great work!"
The Low family

"First a thousand "Thank you's" - really. You have made such an impression in our lives. I'm taking this time to write you to document our "little" miracle. My parents visited us this weekend and Bruno was a "changed" dog - he didn't bark - he was okay in the house - My Dad and Mom both fed him and pet him - AND - he jumped up on the bed with a bone to be next to my Mom. Sounds like a different dog? Well, it is - and it's all because we got lucky and met you. We are working hard on desensitizing him... its working - thank you so much.
The Wise Family

Michelle Bertrand
Owner/Manager B&B Pet Services

Qualified Dog Trainer
Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS)
Insured and Bonded
20 Years of Experience

Tel: (914) 684-1334

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